How to heal?
Rewrite your story, to love your story, to Heal. 

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Healing through Meditation

We invite you to indulge in our healing realm. As we learn and teach ancestral spiritual practices, such as meditation.


Link to Noble Indigo

Noble Indigos is an aboriginal wellness community committed to supporting men and women on their journeys through sacred ceremony, retreats, and ancestral healing.

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The Experience

Your truth & voice are the most powerful tools you will use in the process of healing, manifesting, and connecting. We invite you to share the experience you had at  one of our meditations and/or workshops. Sharing your experience will create powerful improvement and allow us as your assisted healers to create the most blissful space. 

Meditation Menu

Each Mamiwa of the Round Table learns, studies, and practices meditation healing techniques to bring to our community. We offer a variety of meditations to select from; relaxation, higher connection, release, and more.

All of our meditations are uniquely designed to assist individuals with their needs. Each meditation comes with a Daily meditation guide and Herbal recipe for support your after meditation care.