Full Moon Meditation Care 

Continue your release work. Begin digging into shadow work and reflective work. 

1. Build on the Release list you created during the New Moon.

2. Create a Shadows list. 

    Shadows are the parts of yourself in which you hide from the world, sometimes with shame. 

3. Each Night take 2 minutes before bed to read over these lists, adding to it any details that               surface.

4. Repeat to yourself after adding to your lists:

    "I am clearing my space, time, and body of what no longer serves me. I have the power to let go and grow." x3 

5. During this time following the Full Moon analyze what thoughts, feelings, and messages come         your way.

    Each part is in support of your releasing and clearing...even the parts that hurt. Remember releasing can be painful and occur in ways                   we did not imagine, but, all is in support of your clearing work. 

6. Continue to clear weeds that may pop up in your garden. 

7. Drink a lot of water. 

    When doing release work the body itself can become drained. Water is great support in directing toxins out of the body. 

8. Mirror Work. 

   Begin to see what people around you trigger for you inside. What annoys you? What hurts you? What makes you angry? Dig to the root and         add this to your shadows list. Those around us are our mirrors to our souls. Without these people around triggering us, we would never               know what exists inside. Our inner mirror refections. This is true about the parts of ourselves we tend to share and love.