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All Meditations are currently virtual due to COVID-19

(30 minutes - 1 hour)

One on One Meditation Session

 $25.00 - $125.00 


Group Meditation Session (3-5 participants)

$80.00 - $155.00

**Included in each meditation: link to a private virtual room, a daily guided meditation script, and simple herbal recipe.**

  • Relax 

    • Dive into a deep retreat away from reality. This meditation will be guided half way, leaving time to unwind your thoughts and dive into relaxing music. You will begin by expressing any weights you have entered the sacred space with. We will shift into an ocean breath exercise. You will be guided into a calming space to let go of the responsibility the world puts on your shoulders. We will then close with a simple debrief. 


  • Recharge

    • Like technology, we too carry energy in which given and received continuously throughout the day. Most of us give more than our bodies can afford, this is called draining. When you begin to allow yourself to drain you feel more anxious, depressed, confused, impatient, and frustrated. This meditation has been created to assist you in replenishing your energy. We will begin with the breath of fire. You will then plug into a deep regenerating fully guided meditation. We will end with powerful restoring affirmations for you to carry into the world.


  • Release

    • Is there something you are holding onto that you needed to let go of? Are you having a tough time locating this root? If so, this maybe great medicine to you. In this meditation we will dig deep into a rooted issue that maybe holding you back from being your best self. Pre-journaling will begin this medicine, writing out every thought and/or specific problem. We will lean into this process deeper with the Lunar Breath, connecting to our most subconscious self. This meditation will be both guided and unguided. You will be lead to a world where you may discover both your rooted issue and the answer to release it. We will close with the answer and a fulfilling empowerment. 


  • Higher Connection

    • Are there gifts within that you wish to discover? This meditation will begin with a reading of 3 cards. This reading will assist you in your meditation journey. You will take time to journey your goals for this meditation. We will travel from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra, activating each point. In this meditation you will discover and locate your spirit animal. 

  • Mamiwa Retreat *Special*

    • All of the above, no less than 1 hour.​

    • Mamiwa Gift 

    • $60.00 - $120.00

Vent Session 

  • Shoot Your Shit 
    • 15 minute confession session, to pour out any thing that is on your mind. 
    • This is can be anonymous. 
    • $10.00
  • Guidance to Higher Self 

    • 10-25 min confession session ​with reading and guidance into higher self. 

    • Past, present, future; Card reading 

    • $15.00 - $25.00

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 People of color, especially our WOMXN of color carry an extra layers of trauma culturally, historically, genetically & generationally. The design of our culture causes us to use an equity lens to create balance & harmony in our community. There is no equality without equity.

Our meditation services are free to 50% off for our people of color.

The final price will be based off of income.

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