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I am in charge of grounding my sistars. I flow through the organization supporting each siStar in their role. I connect us to our community, balancing the Crown Chakra. 

our Root

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I stand in my power, and branch this confidence and support out to my siStars. Money is an energy, give & take. I am in charge of this energy flow throughout the organization and community connected. 

our Solar Plexus

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Beauty, sexuality, & Creativity is my name. I am the bridge way to Our Divine Mawu, creating imagination into reality. I am practicing Womb Healing & Reiki. 

our Sacral

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Love is in everything. Love is our direct source from the Most High. It is my responsibility to guide love throughout the organization. I support members in their self-care, organization, and over-all well-being. Call me, Mamiwata Heart. 

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our Heart

Our Round Table Board

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Hear my Voice, as I speak for my siStars & I. Our Truth has been heard but now we Shout LISTEN, for HerStory will be the antidote to our recovering world. I will share our journey in knowing it will align with yours. Together we will rewrite our stories, heal generational trauma, & restore Femininity in our community. 

Creative Director


our Throat

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our Third Eye


Through my inner wisdom connecting with yours, I assist in guiding the vision through planning and coordinating. I am the knowledge of the organization. Integrating creativity, intuition, and logical thinking.   

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Alignment with the Most High, one of the many ingredients to our Mission. Through spirituality; guidance, practice, & connection our Goals will be conquered. I am responsible for leading our vision in alignment with our Higher Source. Lost your Higher Self? Unsure of how to love your lower self and shadows? I am here to assist in your healing and connection. 

Promo & Marketing Director



our Crown