A community where individuals may heal and claim their power, shaping the most successful future. A future without the past weights limiting our success.  


We will instill healing through our meditational practice. We will assist in healing each person who is ruled by a weighted stories. 

Mamiwas of the Round Table is NONPROFIT sacred sisterhood that sews a combination of ancient spiritual practices through ceremonial healing circles (meditation). We use sacred journaling,  supportive Vishuddha Chakra sessions, and educational discussions to guide each person to remember, reconnect, and create a place of belonging, healing, and success. MOTRT creates a circle of healers, who vow to heal themselves. We then use this self-healing to guide and assist those in our community through their own journey. We use our healing power together to mend our community, restoring femininity

(Love, patience, trust, family, and more). 

About Us 

"The essence of healing is really quite simple. What it all boils down to is that you must learn to love your story."

-- My Body, My Earth; Dr. Ruby Gibson