A community where individuals may heal and claim their power, shaping the most successful future for all. 

A future without the past weights limiting our success, especially within our communities of color. We will dismantle Ancestral karmic patterns and use the wisdom passed down through our DNA alongside of our intuitive Hearts to create a united and healed Golden Age. 


Our mission is to bring guidance in self-healing to individuals through restoration of the Divine Feminine and leading all of our work through Ancient Ancestral Spirituality practices. We center our spiritual practices around Indigenous Meditation and Ominism. We build a strong sisterhood to come together in healing the community through our own self-healing.

Our motto is “Rewrite your story, to love your story, to heal.” This work is to support individuals who are ready to reclaim their Ancient Feminine Power and Inner Wisdom.


Mamiwas of the Round Table brews a combination of Ancient Ancestral Spiritual practices in creation of our Healing Recipe. We use this recipe to birth healing circles used to guide and support individuals in self-healing. The ingredients to our Healing Recipe include; Sacred Journaling (Expression of Art), Self-reflection, Truth-sharing, and our centered practice of Meditation.

MOTRT holds one sacred, secret ingredient to this recipe. MOTRT creates a circle of wombmen, who are in search of self-healing, and are being called to share their self-healing to guide individuals in our community.

As a sisterhood we have a mission to restore the Divine Feminine characteristics into our community by mirroring a Priestess and Shamanic journey within our modern reality.

We use a sliding fee scale to provide affordable services to our community. All are invited to join this journey, however, we do center the following identities in our practices; People of Color, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Black, and Brown. 

Especially WOMBMEN of COLOR. 

About Us 

"The essence of healing is really quite simple. What it all boils down to is that you must learn to love your story."

-- My Body, My Earth; Dr. Ruby Gibson